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Motion graphics is one of the best ways to produce a video or an advertising teaser to introduce services and products, considering that the volume of today’s advertisements is much greater than before, the audience no longer has the previous desire to view traditional advertisements and due to busyness Many people do not pay attention to it as they should. As a result, traditional propaganda has lost its value compared to the past. But in the meantime, with a little creativity and differentiation between yourself and your competitors, you can easily get the most efficiency and profit from your ads. One of the most important types of advertising that has had a great impact on the audience in these years is ordering motion graphics. Due to their visual beauty and shortness, motion graphics can convey the most meaning to the audience in the shortest possible time, and since the image is more lasting in the mind of the audience, as a result, your advertisements will be more productive.

Advantages of motion graphics:

One of the most used motion graphics techniques is to introduce and advertise products and services. In fact, motion graphics is the use of graphic elements to explain and inform a specific purpose, which is sometimes implemented as all graphics and sometimes combined with real photography.

Special impact on branding

Attract more audience

Building trust among users

Better service delivery in video format

Increase sales of services and products

Help with social media marketing

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Production steps of motion graphics in onlinexl

The stages of making motion graphics in onlinexl are as follows:

Preparation of the scenario

The first step in making educational videos is to prepare a scenario. For the motion graphics scenario, you must determine the following items.

  • Outline of the video: What important messages and arguments will be included in the video and in what order they will be presented.
  • The speaker's text: consider the time so that the speaker of the text is faced with a structured text and knows what message you intend to convey.
  • Preparation of story board

    When making educational videos, having a storyboard is essential. In other words, the storyboard and motion graphics must interact with each other in an integrated way so that they can narrate your story in an appropriate way.

    Designing all the visual elements and creating a general plan

    The elements that you should design in this stage are:

  • logo
  • Infographics or charts
  • Textual content
  • personalities, characters
  • Working with animations

    This section is one of the specialized stages of making motion graphics and it is at this stage that your designs start to move.

    Add background music

    During the design or after and when the motion graphic is finished, the appropriate music or voiceover is selected for the video or parts of it.

    Add subtitles

    In many social networks such as Instagram and LinkedIn, videos are played silently, and for this reason, an important point in making educational videos is to add subtitles to the educational video.

    Preparing the output in the appropriate format

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